my name is mariona

I'm a freelance journalist and writer who loves to travel, animals, hiking outdoors and read by the fire.


I was born in Barcelona in 1989 and I've lived the most part of my life by the wonderful Mediterranean.

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to spend some weeks in Finnish Lapland and I discovered a place that was lifesaver to me. The energy and the silence I found there helped me connect with myself. After having done other trips there, I finally moved to Lapland. I feel like I need to be surrounded by nature, and Lapland's one is magical, breathtaking.


I'm educated in Journalism, Audiovisual Communications and I have a Postgraduate Degree in Emotional Intelligence in Organizations.

Writing has always been my thing, my natural way to communicate myself, and I keep manuscripts of books and "novels" I wrote when I was a child.

I'm good at taking an idea, order it and transmit it in a way that's easily understandable for everybody. That's, in essence, how I understand Communication, and is definitely what I enjoy doing.


I usually write about Sustainability, Responsible Travelling and Personal Growth, which are the subjects of my projects too. But I am the first one who's learning here. I try to review my own behaviour everyday and raise as much awareness as I can on these topics, specially when it comes to Sustainability. You know, as Aurora and the Cree Indian proverb say, you cannot eat money!

In my mid twenties I went through what they call 'an existential crisis'. It felt eternal, but I ended up reacting and took the reins of my life. I stopped regretting, faced my fears and 'what will people say' and began to break the wheel where I was trapped to start building the life I wanted. Since then I'm involved into my personal growth process in a very conscious way, and -with a lot of work- change and evolution have been constant. It's not easy, but it's definitely worth it. If you are struggling and this sounds familiar to you, count on me.

I appreciate you being here. Thank you!